Saturday, February 7, 2009

Queen Bee wants a quality time

I am not feeling good today. This is like the one of the worst days ever in my life, hmmm... But, I'll deal with it, I think...

Gue pengen ngobrol sama bokap gue! Biarpun sebentaaaaaaaaar aja :-( Kayaknya dia sibuk banget. Bentar lagi perusahaannya diajak ijab kabul tuh... Biarpun katanya dia kerja buat gue, tapi gue gak mau kerjaannya, beneran deh. Gimme my Daddy back! Come on.. I have lost Mum. :'( Apa gue ngelamar jadi sekretarisnya aja ya? Biar bareng bokap gue terus hehehe.. Ada Via, ada Okta, but they are not my Dads. I want my Dad!! Sibuk sih sibuk, tapi masa anaknya abandoned... Phewww!

Ah, jadi kangen sama nyokap gue, biarpun I have recovered very well, dia kan meninggalnya juga udah lamaaa banget..

Remember this guy?

Hihihi, Power Rangers, jaman kecil banget yah :) Nggak kok, gue gak ngefans-ngefans amat sama serial ini (though gotta admit that I wake up early on Sundays for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Come on, lo juga kan? :D), it reminds me of my Mum so much. Soalnya nama nyokap gue Billy juga, hehehe. Bunda Billy! Keren yaaaa... I wish she was here so we can exchange clothes. I bet she's going to be fashionable if she was alive, because she was very stylish when she was young (I often take a look at her old pictures).

Oh iya, seperti janji gue... Ini foto-fotonya. Maaf ya gue gak jago motret :D

Chinatown: Isn't it cool? Same Indomie, different place, very different price :D

Natural History Museum: mestinya museum di Indonesia kayak gini!

Natural History Museum: The Jurrasic Park I told you about ;)

Madame Tussaud's: Ketemu Barry Soetoro nih! Biarpun baru replikanya :p

Schiphol Airport: Yay... beberapa jam lagi sampai rumah...

Maaf kalo telat, but, HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!
Make someone smile today!

♥♥♥♥♥ ( <-- I wish my Dad gave me this much ;( sorry for being emotional, I'll be back happy tomorrow, trust me ♥♥♥♥♥),


mnsr mnstrt said...

hey!!thanks for comin..:) capturing you??why not?:) mail me to we can talk about that later..:)

see ya!

Alanda said...

Come on, keep smiling, Queen. You got a lot of friends! Gimme a call whenever you feel lonely, or maybe when you're not!

Anonymous said...

oooohhh billy the blue ranger~!! i miss the 1st batch of power rangres already!!

Sheyka said...

Hey, kak QB.
I'm 'newbie' here, and i know about that QUEENBEE competition. well, THERE'S A LOT OF PRETTY GIRLS OUT THERE! Omona, I wish the judge COULD judge them not only by their looks, but also their brain. Well, beautiful outside, beautiful inside is perfect. lol :D

Eh, kakak itu sekolah atau kuliah? kalo iya kuliah, dimana? kayaknya suka banget gitu sama fashion. Jangan-jangan sekolah di LaSalle? hohoho.

i read about your dad, like ALANDA said, keep smiling, kak QB :)

Anonymous said...

im a bit confused.
about your mother, are you talking about your character as queenita,or about yourself?

your blog seems inconsistent at times, because sometimes you make it sound that the blog is the potrayal of your character,then other times is about you

just a thought(:
don't take it as an offence =)