Friday, February 20, 2009

Artsy Casual Shoes

Lucu nih buat nyantai and ke sekolah...dan seru juga karena kita boleh ngasih desain sendiri dan nanti akan di handpaint sama mereka...

Ini sebenernya buatan beberapa anak Malaysia, tapi kalo kita mau pesen mereka bersedia shipping ke Indonesia...check them out here!!



taqarrabie said...

menggiurkan tingkat tinggiiiii!!!! how come you always know these things?

i straightly make a list on designs i'm gonna send them

1. vintage! vintage! vintage!
2. witch! witch! witch!
3. further question.

how about you, queen?

Anonymous said...'s really a good idea!!

how do you know it??
gw suka sepatu2 unik dan lucuuu..
mau dunk!!

Maria Mersedes said...

kira kira shipping ke Indonesia berapa yah?

Nicole said...

I found similar shoes (only with limited print) at Big W for just AUS$9!

[rei] said...

i love the black one!!!!

Sararawww,, said...

Boonga Art Shoes founder is one of my friend, do support them as they produce great shoes but in reasonable price and great quality :)